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About Smart-N-Go

Smart-N-Go is one of the optimal choices for providing fresh food and beverages in workplaces.  One of the main reasons that makes Smart-N-Go a desired solution for many employers and companies, is because of its parent companies' influence in the industry.  Smart-N-Go was designed to offer another great solution based off of Avanti Markets.  Avanti Markets is the originator and global leader in the micro-market industry.  With its global awareness Avanti decided to start offering its clients another brand or identity with Smart-N-Go.  So customers receive a top of the line kiosk and system with all the experience and background of Avanti Markets.  Customers and operators are truly getting the best of both worlds with the Smart-N-Go creation. 

The two brands emphasis has always been to provide and sustain a healthy lifestyle for employees both in and outside of work.  With Smart-N-Go employees can not only watch what they eat at work, but purchase take-home items for continuing the right healthy mindset.  Wellness programs today are bringing this to the forefront and Smart-N-Go really is the right solution.

Key benefits to customers:

All of this adds up to HAPPIER EMPLOYEES!