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Equipment and Technology

A Smart-N-Go uses today’s leading technology and equipment when it comes to offering its customers the best product.  We provide energy-efficient coolers, attractive fixtures, stylish kiosks and a full security system.  Smart-N-Go’s technology provides quick and easy transactions for shoppers, while at the same time providing the operator an easy web-based inventory management system.  This makes it easy to input new products and update items within a matter of minutes. 


  1. An employee area away from public traffic to designate as the market location
  2. Power supply for coolers, freezers and the kiosk system
  3. Internet access

It really is that simple! 


The market runs on a highly secure and stable network.  It is encrypted through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel.  The light bandwidth load ensures minimal network demands.  Most of the processing is performed locally with the network used minimally for card authorizations, data synchronization and periodic updates.  Smart-N-Go, just like its parent company Avanti Markets is PCI Compliant with all national security requirements.   

Want to see what is possible with your space?  Smart-N-Go micro-marts are capable of fitting in any size space.  With the ability to position around corners, display on separate walls or even in hallways Smart-N-Go will fit.  Below is a chart displaying our variety of equipment specifications.